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Here are some of the services Husted’s Landing offers it’s customers.
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Evinrude Sales, Service and Maintenance


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shrink wrap boats

Have your Boat and Jet-ski shrink wrapped for Winter!

Fall / Winter Maintenance

Two Stroke Outboard Winterize: $50.00
Winterizing ensures you will get on the water sooner come Spring!

Winterize Inboard/Outboard: $125.00

Winter is Coming!

Protect your Boat and Jet-ski from harsh Winter conditions.

Shrink wrapping – call for a quote: 856-451-6195
Available for Boats and Jet-skis.

Storage – Boat & Trailer – October 1 – May 15: $175.00
These are some of the most affordable prices in the area.

Storage – Boat – Block-up: $250.00

Inside Storage (includes trailer length): $17.00 per ft.

Spring/ Summer Maintenance

Get your Boat and Jet-ski ready to use!

Power Wash Bottom: $2.00 per ft.
Keeping the bottom of the boat clean is essential.

Bottom Painting in Spring: $8.00 per ft.
Do you really want to paint your own boat bottom?

Change Lower Unit Oil: $15.00-$20.00
Changing the oil is key part of maintenance.

Seasonal Dock Usage

These prices are a real bargain!

Seasonal Dock Usage: May-Nov. $600
These are some of the most affordable prices in the area.

Boat ramp: May-Nov. $75


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