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This post from Facebook: Gene McHugh:
Yoooo Kennard Hildreth, it was a roll of the dice morning with heavy clouds, fog, and pop up rain showers. I said “its on” and to Husted’s Landing it was. Sue and I got the boat in the water at about 8:30 and we crabbed with handlines till 3pm. The crab bite was strong with the incoming tide using my favorite bait of bunker. Alot of tb crabs. Came home with 47 keepers for dinner. The incoming tide had the strongest bite- but pulled up some big crabs moving around. Never went further than Bridges Stixx. Caught crabs every where. Picture perfect day and even seen Don McCarthy in action on the way to the perching grounds. I cant remember when i last went out and came in with almost a half bushel of crabs. A super great day at Husted’s Landing! No need to travel far for good crabbing- its right at our backdoor.Ttys bud!

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