Summer Fishing has been good at Husted’s Landing especially catching Perch.
Kenny says the Back Creek has plenty of Perch ready to be caught.  He also claims they are good eating too!  Look for some upcoming Perch recipes right here on this website.
Here is a nice haul of Perch from DJ Don McCarthy the “Perch King”.

Summer Perch Fishing, The Perch fishing has been great this summer at Husted's

The Perch fishing has been great this summer at Husted’s

Here’s a story about DJ Don McCarthy the “Perch King”. Click here.

Here’s another Perch Fish story from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

By Hugh Carberry
Supervising Biologist
March, 2005

Without a doubt, white perch are one of the finest eating fishes found in New Jersey’s waters. The fillets when cooked are succulent, sweet and firm in texture. Easily caught in fresh or brackish water, white perch can be caught by the basketful.

Eating-size white perch range from 10 to 12 inches and the fillets when fried are similar in size to commercially bought “Fish Sticks”. However, “Perch Sticks” taste ten times better and don’t have the processed fishmeal taste characteristic of store bought brands.

White perch are caught in the deeper pools of lakes, rivers and streams. In tidal areas, good locations to focus in on are small feeder creeks that dump into the main part of a river. The ebbing tide is the time to go. Don’t be afraid to move if no fish are caught in ten minutes.

If you start catching numerous slab white perch at a location such as this, be tight lipped, as you have a silver mine. If you take a friend, blind fold them to and from the location.

In the spring, rising water temperatures and increased daylight length trigger schooling / spawning behavior. Schools can be located by trial and error by shoreline anglers or with an electronic fish finder by boat anglers.

Once a school is located the fun borders on work because the action is non-stop. Be careful during the fishing frenzy grasping and removing white perch from the hook. White perch flare out their dorsal spines in a defense mechanism when they know they’re slated for supper.

Visit the HJDFW site here.

Summer Perch Fishing

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