Back Creek

Back Creek produces!

This Back Creek report is from Don “The Perch King” McCarthy.
Catching stripers and plenty of Perch in the back creek.  The wind has been blowing slightly and helping to give some relief from the heat.  The fishing has been good, catching some TBs and plenty of Perch, 38 perch this last outing.


Husted’s Landing  •  Summer Fishing in Back Creek

Back Creek update

We have had a wide variety of species being caught in the Back Creek out of Husted’s Landing; From Blue Claw crabs,  White perch, Weak fish, Flounder, Blue fish, and Smooth Puffer fish. You can even see eagles flying around the Back Creek.  Got to love it down here!

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Fish caught by the Perch King

Husted’s Landing • Back Creek Fishing